Dealers: We buy and Sell autos

with Integrity and Service

The mission of Acheron Auto is to help auto dealers succeed by mitigating risk and increasing efficiency. We do this by buying excess inventory and selling the appropriate auto to dealers who have a specific need. Dealers sometimes have autos on their lot that are not selling for whatever reason. We buy those autos and find them a home in a different market. Our business thrives because of repeat business that is built on trust.

Consumers: We will buy your auto

Consider us when you sell yours

Many times the trade-in value you are offered feels low. Give us a call when you get that offer. We'll try to beat it. Since we have a broad market of dealers to sell vehicles to, we can find the perfect match for your car. That's why we're able to offer you more cash than the dealer. The dealer has a fixed market where they have to sell your car.